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(2017.10.18 Last Update)
Where to Find DDS Anastasia’s Earrings »
(2017.10.02 Last Update)
Delivery Schedule is decided! Limited Dollfie DreamR Pre-order Project “THE IDOLM@STER × THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls × DD" »

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Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15 After Event

“Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15 After Event” will take place on Saturday, March 31st, 2018 (JST)!

2018.03.19 Update

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Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15

“Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15” will take place on Sunday, March 11th, 2018 (JST)!

2018.02.15 Update


“Vampire Outfit Set” Pre-order Project

“Hatsune Miku Vampire Festival” was held in Shibuya Marui. A dress in the key visual artwork for the event is now released as a DD outfit set!

2018.02.13 Update


"Crane Priestess Outfit Set" Pre-order Project

Celebrating the opening of “SNOW MIKU 2018”, Snow Miku 2018 costume / “Crane Priestess” is released as a DD outfit set!

2018.02.02 Update

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February New Outfit Collection 2018

From February 10th, 2018, “February New Outfit Collection 2018” will be available!

2018.01.26 Update

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Dolls Party 38 After Event

On January 20th (Sat) and 21st (Sun), 2018 (JST), “Dolls Party 38 After Event” will take place!

2017.12.25 Update

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DD Ruri How to Purchase

① DD Ruri Special Two-day Sale at Doll Point Akihabara ② Sales at VOLKS Stores and VOLKS Website Store

2017.12.13 Update


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon × Dollfie Dream®

A miracle happens at its 25th anniversary…The legendary guardian is appearing as a Dollfie Dream®.

2017.12.06 Update



【Dollfie Dream® in 5 min (ENGLISH)】

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