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DD Stand

Thank you for waiting! A long-awaited doll stand is being released! It is designed only for DD! ZOUKEI-MURA INC. paid a lot of attention to its basic structure, size, and the finest details, and succeeded in developing this brand-new item from scratch! Arms are movable, and the stylish hexagon base can easily be connected to the others♪ This is a brand-new doll stand designed exclusively for DD! Try it and see the difference!

CHECK these five important points about the “DD Stand” !!

Point 1 :
As this is designed only for DD, the usability has been greatly improved!
We paid a lot of attentions to the finest details like arm sizes and post length♪ Of course, it's compatible with all of the DD series,
including MDD, DDS, and DDdy!

Point 2 : It's possible to remove every part and re-attach it elsewhere!
You can choose parts and adjust the stand to be suitable for your Dollfie®. Also you can change the holding position as you like, it can hold DD on the waist, between the thighs, or legs♪

Point 3 : It's transparent, so it won't stand out. ♪
Because all of the parts are clear, it's very inconspicuous!
While keeping its durability, we made the post as thin as possible in order not to make it stand out.

Point 4 : Convenient for taking photographs!
It's possible to attach the stand to a tripod. ♪ There's a secret at the center of the base! There's an opening to attach a tripod, making it a snap to take photographs♪

Point 5 : More possibilities using separately sold optional parts!!
With the addition of the separately sold arm set, it becomes possible to attach up to three different arms to the stand at once! These become endlessly useful when utilized to support heavy weapons and props! There is a complete array of convenient optional parts, all sold separately. ♪

“DD Stand” & “Separately sold optional parts”

  • * Doll, etc are not included.
  • * This item is designed to be used only with the DD series, and should not be used with SD.
  • * The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.

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