Volks Character Models

A Limited Dollfie Dream® Collaboration Model

Dollfie Dream® Sister “Mariko Summer Festival Version”


  • Sculpted by : Serika Misaki (ZOUKEI-MURA INC.)
  • Outfit Production : VOLKS Doll Design Department
  • Eyes : Dollfie® Animetic Eyes “Mariko” Original Design, Metallic, 22mm
  • Wig : “Mariko” Original Style, DD Size
  • Head :“Mariko” Original Head
  • Body : Dollfie Dream® Sister Base Body / Semi-White Skin / M Bust
  • Includes : Doll / Wig / Hair Accessory / Yukata / Obi Belt / Waist Cord / Japanese-style Underwear / Adjustment Pad / Panties / Drawstring Bag / Zori Footwear / Plushie
  • Special Website: After School Akihabara Girls ( To Japanese Site )
  • Special Website: Regarding the Sales Method of New Dollfie® Items in Summer 2015
  • Price : 57,000 JPY (+fee)



Mariko, went to a summer festival

10 years ago, my father got transferred to Tokyo, and I moved here.
In my first summer vacation in Tokyo, I went to a summer festival with my first friend there, Ruri.
Since I was unaccustomed to wear Yukata, it was difficult to walk, but I remember that I was very excited to see such a spectacular festival.

The Dollfie® 15th anniversary special project, Dollfie® The Best Selection!

Mariko, who is chosen from the 3rd theme “Volks Original Character”,
appears in Japanese summer kimono - Yukata!



  • * Please be careful as the color of the outfit may stain the surface of the doll.
  • * Please be careful as the color of the wig may stain the surface of the doll. We recommend the use of a "Dollfie® Head Cap" to prevent the wig from staining the doll's head.
  • * The doll is made of soft vinyl. Please keep away from heat.
  • * The outfit contains very delicate sewn areas. Rough treatment is liable to cause damage, so please take care when handling the outfit.
  • * The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
  • * DDS “Mariko Summer Festival Version” comes with a pair of Loosely Fisted Hands (DDII-H-07-SW). No other hands are included in her set.

What is ‘ After School Akihabara Girls ’ ?

What is ‘ After School Akihabara Girls ’ ?

Natsuki, bright and cheerful, lover of games and cosplay. Moe, shy and fearful of strangers, with no hobby that could be called a hobby. It's a tale of these two girls and the new friends they find, a tale told in the mysterious place of 'Akihabara'. Be sure to keep an eye out for how this story develops!