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D'COORD *Doll Point Akihabara Limited *Yokohama Showroom Limited

What is D'COORD?

D'COORD is a completed coordinated Dollfie Dream®. Their head, wig, shoes and outfits are chosen for each Dollfie Dream® and are included in a set. You can welcome(purchase) the one you like right at the store. They will be recommended to every customer from beginners to experts of Dollfie Dream®

Where can I welcome them?

New models are occasionally released for sale at Doll Point Akihabara and Yokohama Showroom only. Check below for the detailed schedules for each store.

Are they always available?

They are basically available anytime. In case that they are all sold out - don't worry that new models will be re-released! They will become available each month on the "New Models Release Day"and on special occassions.

◇Full of information about Dollfie®☆ Check D'COORD "New Models Release Day" on our brand magazine "VOLKS NEWS" or at each store♪

There are many different kinds of D'COORD! Please find your favorite girl♪

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