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To Dollfie Dream® Owners

Thank you very much for welcoming a Dollfie Dream®. There are several things we would like you to know. Please read the following information carefully. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please confirm the contents of your DD within two weeks of receiving them.

We vow to do our utmost to deliver you flawless quality items. In the chance of a defective item, please contact us within two weeks of receiving your item. If you contact us after the two-week period has passed, we may not be able to fulfill your request depending on the details. In addition, please note that due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept exchanges or returns for used items even within the two-week period.
Please be sure to check the outfit and any other included items within the same two-week period.

Returns and Exchanges

Please understand in advance that due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for any reason other than defects (damage, breakage, missing parts) or accidents that occur during shipment. Your understanding is appreciated. Please note that any customer-induced damage is not covered by our warranty even if it occurs within the two-week period.

There is no general warranty for Dollfie Dream® purchased via online auctions or third parties.

In recent times, we have received inquiries regarding problems that have occurred as a result of third party purchases or purchases with intent for resale.
We cannot take any responsibility for any problems that arise from third party purchases or resale purchases. Defects with items purchased via third parties or resellers are not covered by warranty even if it falls within the two-week receiving period. In addition, please note that we are unable to guarantee the quality of any Dollfie Dream® purchased or sold via auctions or similar services. Please note that we shall not be responsible for any damages and troubles caused by customization and modifications.

Be Careful of Color Staining!

Color Staining is not considered a defect. Please note that DD with color staining cannot be exchanged.
Dollfie Dream® is made of soft vinyl which may be susceptible to staining. There are several factors which can cause color staining.

  • * Environment (it is depending on the temperature, humidity, lighting, and how long the DD has worn the outfit.)
  • * Fabric and Design of the outfit
  • * Dyes used in the outfit

In order to avoid color staining, please frequently change the outfits. If you are unsure about the outfit, please test the outfit on a hidden area of your DD for staining before putting it on.

★Useful Items for Preventing Staining

These items are available at “VOLKS Showroom ・ Hobby Square® (Stores in Japan)
* These are not available at “Tenshi-no-Sato” and “Tenshi-no-Mado”.

* For the details, please check this page.

How to Exchange the Eyes

For further customizing, you can exchange the eyes of Dollfie Dream®.
Create a brand new look by using Dollfie® Animetic Eyes. Even if you choose not to exchange the eyes, you can always reinforce their placement by using some items.
* Please find more details in the “Dollfie Dream® Body Manual

Remove the head cap, apply slight force on the eyes to pop them off.
After removing the eyes, remove the glue from inside of the head.
If it is difficult to remove the glue, scrape off the remainder with a rounded carving knife.

Taking off the eyes

Attaching and Fixing the eyes

Attaching and Fixing the eyes

① Put some “Eye Putty” in the bottom of the eyehole cavity.
② Put the eyes in the position you like
③ Apply glue around the eyes with a “Glue-Gun” and secure them in place. It is possible to secure them with “Eye Putty”. After securing the eyes, replace the head cap, and attach the head to the body. Then it’s complete!

For securing the eyes, we use industrial glue intended for exclusive use with soft vinyl. Its color and texture are different from glue for general sale. It is not yellowing or hardening.

If there is a defect (damage, breakage, missing parts) with your item, please contact us.
(please click “Contact us” below.)

If by some chance there is a defect (damage, breakage, missing parts) with your item, please contact us within two weeks of receiving your item.

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